UNSC Spartan ( LEADER ) And UNSC Dingrobin ( LEADER ) Proves to be a leader and argues

UNSC Leader Dingrobin Proved that he is the real leader, While spartan is Forcing him to join his clan, But Dingrobin Denied And got angry

[1] from [UNSCCmdr.]Dingrobin[Philippine Force]Pri.Scarlet (You) to [UNSCCF.[GSA]1*Gen.[HighCom]]Spartan117GodOfWarr[SpartansTFLdr.] Also, That is not a real UNSC Website, ._. , UNSC Website is maded first by someone. Well i made PB2 UNSC Website First. Hehe, 20 June 2012, 04:55
[2] from [UNSCCmdr.]Dingrobin[Philippine Force]Pri.Scarlet (You) to [UNSCCF.[GSA]1*Gen.[HighCom]]Spartan117GodOfWarr[SpartansTFLdr.] Prove it if you are a General, Say something to the leader that to sent me that your the General Of the GSA. 20 June 2012, 04:45
[3] from [UNSCCmdr.]Dingrobin[Philippine Force]Pri.Scarlet (You) to [UNSCCF.[GSA]1*Gen.[HighCom]]Spartan117GodOfWarr[SpartansTFLdr.] You Dont Enslave Me, So Please Get Away On My Rising Clan. Go train your troops, 20 June 2012, 04:42
[4] from [UNSCCmdr.]Dingrobin[Philippine Force]Pri.Scarlet (You) to [UNSCCF.[GSA]1*Gen.[HighCom]]Spartan117GodOfWarr[SpartansTFLdr.] Also, I Will Not Join Your Own Group Because Of Your Talkative Mouth. And I Am the real one, Your not even training your troops ( maybe ), You shall teach your troops and train it, Not Just Leave them alone not to be trained. 20 June 2012, 04:40
[5] from [UNSCCF.[GSA]1*Gen.[HighCom]]Spartan117GodOfWarr[SpartansTFLdr.] to[UNSCCmdr.]Dingrobin[Philippine Force]Pri.Scarlet how dare u disobey my orders either join with us or u are dead i know your website i shall delte all until u join cuz we made UNSC i did u wont ruin me our website is post on ya website the real UNSC website and that u are joining with us. u f***king fake u have set up spys. 19 Jun